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The Bomb-Joke

Taking a picture of Manila means to step into an elevator of an old prefab concrete building and as the doors open on the third floor you find yourself inside a Chinese temple. The national dish neither the American nor the Japanese, but the Spanish occupiers left, is a suckling pig. It will not be possible to get a consistent picture even of this city without taking the highest contrast for your motif. Read more

Mr. Seihak

Mr. Toy guides us to Cambodia

If you need a spine-chiller, a Cambodian-border-passing-story will be on top. Here is mine: A young Cambodian guy who was obviously weary of life drove a minibus from Thailand to the Cambodian border – a trip that made me reviewing what happened in my life so far. To remain in the track is hard work, especially if the road is full of potholes, but it is a strange way to deal with the situation by overtaking with oncoming traffic at high speed. Read more


Passing the boarder to Laos not only means to cross the impressing Mekong-River but to learn something about French baking skills or baking remains. The former colonialists forget to develop Laos as a tourist place for example by constructing a train system as well as they left their baguettes in the place. If it is stormy there is a high chance for the cash machines not to work. Read more


Smuggling Cocks to the Isaan

I took a seat, indeed very happy, that it was a front seat. The job of a Thai bus driver must actually be a profession, he just not only needs strong nerves but a strong stomache, a warm jacket and lots of M150, a wellknown Thai energy-drink. Whilst I tried to acclimate to the freezing-cold air-condition inside the bus, the suspected bus drivers showed each other how many bottles of M150 they had. Hopefully the winner would drive our bus. Read more


As dozens of backpackers try to find during their trips around Asia, Buddhism is like THE belief performing its spirit and wisdom in a way one might think it is touchable. Actually it is very hard work to get this kind of cathartic spirit. I visited temple after temple stunning in front of Buddha statues as huge as skyscrapers looking for an explanation for these historical attractions. Read more